General Rules


There are no points or advantage points calculated for any positions or moves.
There are no referee decisions!
It's up to YOU to win by submitting your opponent.

Illegal Submissions
These submission attempts will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification.
  • No Slamming from the Guard or Triangle Choke. When a competitor is lifted up from the ground and their head is raised above the standing competitor's waist the referee will advise the holding competitor to uncross their feet. This includes a closed triangle.
  • No knuckles to the rront of the throat (knuckles to the side of the neck are OK)
  • No neck cranks, neck locks or cervical locks of any kind
  • No chin whips
  • No scissors takedown of any kind
  • No butt-scooting. Competitors must either take the opponent down or pull them into the guard.
***Grabbing with 4 fingers inside the sleeve of the jacket top and inside the pants are OK.
***Guard pulling is OK. Guard Jumping will NOT BE ALLOWED IN ANY DIVISION!!

Rolling or Pullilng a Competitor off the Mat

  • If an athlete is caught in a submission and PURPOSELY pulls their opponent or rolls off of the mat in an attempt to free themselves from the submission, they will be considered submitted and will lose the match.

  • If an opponent is countering a submission and they happen to roll off of the mat but are caught in a deep and completely sunk submission (i.e. a footlock or an armlock and the competitor being caught rolls to counter the submission and happens to end up off of the mat) the referee will reset the position in the center of the ring with the submission INTACT to the submitters liking. The referee will give the person caught in the submission the option to tap out before the match is restarted to give a verbal submission. If the competitor refuses and tap out the match will be restarted with the submission in place.

The difference between Jumping Guard and Pulling Guard
Jumping Guard (Illegal Technique)
When a competitor jumps into the guard with both feet off of the ground and is expecting their opponent to "catch" them. Sometimes this is done without the competitor even holding or touching the other competitor. This technique is not allowed in any division under any circumstances!!! This is an extremely dangerous technique that will not be allowed.

Pulling Guard (Legal Technique)
Pulling guard is exactly like it sounds. You are pulling your opponent down to the ground into your guard with at least one foot on the ground. Pulling guard requires one opponent to make contact with the other. A grip must be established on either a sleeve, collar, head, gi top or any part of the competitor prior to pulling their opponent down to the ground into their guard. Sitting to the guard is not permitted. Butt scooting is not permitted. You must attempt to take your opponent to the ground or pull them to the ground. This simulates a real fight. Would you sit to your butt in a real fight?