Dress Code for Gi Competitors

A full jiu-jitsu gi must be worm. The colar may not be excessively thick or hard to the point where it hinders your opponents grip.

The jacket is to be of sufficient length down to the thighs, sleeves must reach the wrist.

Belt, with color corresponding to rank tied around the waist with a double knot, tight enough to secure the gi closed.

Athletes are not permitted to compete with a torn gi, or with sleeves or pants that are not of proper length.

Tight fitting rashguards and/or t-shirts are allowed to be worn under the gi, but it is not required.

Dress Code for NoGi Competitors

A tight/snug fitting T-shirt or Rash guard on top is required by all athletes. Sorry Hulk-ster: No bare-chested grappling is permitted.

Long & loose-fitting board shorts or Gi pants on the bottom are required to be worn by all athletes. Board shorts can not have rivets or loose zippers that could potential cut the mats and/or your opponent.

Please make sure all pants have a drawstring and or another way to keep them secured at your waist during the match.

Tight-fitting vale tudo shorts are NOT permitted to be worn. Underarmour style or spandex style shorts and/or spats are NOT permitted to be worn. These items may be worn UNDERNEATH board-short style grappling shorts; just not as outerwear.

Wrestling Singlets are NOT permitted to be worn.

Women's NoGi Dress Code

Rash guard and board-style shorts with drawstring or Gi pants are permitted. There is no grey area here. We will not permit anything other than the items stated above. No spandex-style under armour, vale tudo, or spat-style shorts or pants are allowed to be worn as outerwear. You may wear this items UNDER you gi pants and/or your board-style grappling shorts. (If you have any questions regarding your gear please ask PRIOR to registering.)

Prohibited Items:

No wrestling shoes are to be worn in any Gi or No-Gi competition. (An exception to this rule can be made if an athlete has a specific medical foot issue that requires coverage. A doctors note is required.)

No hard cups are allowed. (the hard cup can pop someones elbow in an armbar, or their jaw in a triangle, or their lower spine when taking the back)

No ear guards are allowed to be worn.

No hard knee braces are allowed to be worn.