Blue Belt Theatre Bracket Format:

Format: 3-man round-robin bracket

           -A fights B
           -B fights C
           -C fights A

Time Limit: 15 minutes

How to win: submission-only

Sudden death: will be used if no submission occurs during the 8 minute duration.

Bracket Set Up & Situations:

  1. Each competitor fights both opponents in their bracket. All weight classes will max out at 3 competitors only.

  2. If someone in your 3-man bracket backs out, because of injury or another reason. You will still have a 2-man bracket and be able to compete in one match with an 8 minute time limit and sudden death if needed.

    a) the same will occur if only 2 competitors register for a division


The winner of the bracket is considered the champion! Only the champion of the bracket is recognized.
There is no 2nd or 3rd place. You either won the bracket and are the champion, or you lost the bracket.

  1. The winner of the bracket is determined by who has the most wins.
  2. If each competitor wins 1 match a piece, the winner is determined by the fastest sub-time in regulation time.
    a) those that won in 'sudden death' would not be included in this criteria.