MAIN EVENT: All-Star Invitational (Live PPV)

A Submission Only, No-Time-Limit Fight Night featuring Jiu-Jitsu Brown & Black Belts!

Points: There are none.
Advantages: There are none.

Referee Decisions: There won't be any.

Saved by the bell: There is no bell!

Time Limit: There is no time limit!

How to Win: By submission only!

How to Tap Out:
(a) yell, scream or shout signifying defeat.
(b) tap out on the mat, on yourself or on your opponent.
(c) verbally say: "TAP", "MERCY", "UNCLE" or a similar phrase communicating defeat.

If you are a brown or black belt and would like to be featured in our main event All-Star Invitational please contact us a.s.a.p. by phone or text at: 386-748-8810 or email: